If you’re a property owner who needs to make repairs to pass the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection,
you can get $5,000 to pay for them.

What are Emergency Housing Vouchers?

The American Rescue Plan Act established the Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) program, which brings together Housing Authorities and local service providers to combat homelessness. ACHA has partnered with the Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS). The goal of the Emergency Housing Voucher program is to assist families and individuals experiencing homelessness by finding them affordable housing in the short term and establishing housing stability for them in the long term.

What assistance does the Emergency Housing Voucher program provide tenants?

In addition to providing tenants with a subsidized housing voucher, the Emergency Housing Voucher program offers assistance with:

  • Housing search;
  • Application fees;
  • Utility deposits;
  • Security deposits;
  • Renter’s insurance (if required by lease); and
  • Moving expenses

Are there incentives for landlords who participate in the Emergency Housing Voucher program?

Yes. ACHA and Allegheny County DHS want to encourage landlords to join our effort to combat homelessness. Two incentives have been established to reward landlords who participate in the Emergency Housing Voucher program:

  • A $1,200 recruitment bonus; or
  • A $2,000 retention bonus

What is the EHV HQS (Housing Quality Standards) Inspection Repair Refund?

If your unit fails the HQS Pre or Initial Inspection, take advantage of the repair refund to correct the failed items. Simply correct what failed, collect your receipts, and submit your application for the refund for up to $5,000. See the flyer to learn more!